Kristin Kent, Grand Rapids MI Business Consultant

 Kristin Kent

Kristin Kent created Kent Business Consulting, LLC with the goal of helping small businesses reach the next level. Kristin has been a highly, effective leader for over 15 years with experience in business operations, marketing, finance, human resources and project management. She is skilled at evaluating complex situations, identifying key elements, creating effective action plans and guiding their execution. Prior to beginning her career, Kristin studied at Grand Valley State University graduating with her Bachelor of Science in 2003. Upon graduation, she began working in the hospitality industry in management roles assisting in the growth of a popular franchise group over a 10-year period. Kristin then moved to a new position within a private organization to develop a restaurant group in the Grand Rapids area, in addition to existing business ventures. While developing the restaurant group she assisted in creating systems and process for not only the restaurants but other business ventures as well. Kristin is passionate about assisting businesses grow which led to creating a consulting company to share her knowledge and expertise.